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My first post! I will try and post something on a regular basis on the stuff that interest me, particularly, music, technology and architecture (why did I study engineering instead of architecture? Like George Costanza said: “why couldn’t you have made me an architect? You know I always wanted to pretend that I was an architect.”

Music, what can I say – I have been a music nut since high school, and have a pretty large record collection (love those vinyl donuts!) I spend a lot of time listening, downloading (thank god for the Internet), and learning about music – all kinds of music as long as it is not “pop”, although like everyone else, I too have my guilty pleasures – Madonna, B-52s and of course Deep Purple, a tribute to my longhair, heavy metal days!

There are so many genres of music that I like, many think I must be a schizoid – here is a quick run down on my genre: [coming soon…]

Lately, I listen to quite a bit of Post Punk, Tech House and Dub. The kick with Post Punk started recently with a link on Optimo’s wonderful website, I began to download the Optimo No Wave Mix, and while waiting for it to finish – why is it when you want something, the network always craps out! Anyway, it took days for the download to complete, well it is China, what can you expect… But while doing some research on the whole NY No Wave scene, I came across quite a few artists and tracks that I vaguely remember from the early 80s, I may even have the original album in my collection, gotta dig through them one of these days.

Take for example, Bush Tetras, hey I bought the record just for the band’s name alone! (I think it was at Aron’s on Melrose, man that was a long time ago, for those of you lived or from LA, the shop was across the street from Fairfax High School, and Melrose was considered the “up-and-coming” street back in the days. Anyhow, when I heard “You Can’t Be Funky” from the Boom in the Night album, it just brought chuckles to my face. This short, catchy song has more “meat” to it than all of the Mandarin-pop, Canton-Pop that they listen to here in China. I will post more of my hate-and-hate relationship with Chinese music later…


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