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Yellow Music – Decadent and Pornographic Music in China

[Rant Alert] – I felt so sad for the Chinese, being one myself, I just don’t understand what went wrong… How can such a large population produces such low brow music? May be I got the whole thing backwards, could it be because of the large population, the music must cater to the mass thus resulting in total shit?! Whatever the causes may be, I think as a culture, the Chinese probably has the worst type of music in the world, this encompasses “traditional”, “folk” music to modern day crap that we have to put up with all day long. For those that do not know China, for some odd reason, many people here love to sing, karaoke may be invented by the Japanese-devils, but it has been taken to a whole new level here in China, sigh… god/buddha have mercy on us!

I picked up an interesting book called “Yellow Music” while the wife and I were at the Mardi Gras this year (now New Orleans got the right idea about making music!) The book is published by Duke University Press and was pretty dry reading. Anyway, so it seems that for a short period in the 20s and 30s, Shanghai was quite cosmopolitan and the population (well at least the ones with the means) can enjoy some great jazz music on par with all the great cities of the world, let’s hope Shanghai can regain its formal glory soon.


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