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DIY Guitar Amp with Mods

So after reading all about the various amp designs online, I just had to build one and try it… It has to be a all-tube amp, I was going to order the Ceriatone kit based on the famed Dumble OTS design. But since shipping it to China might be a bit of hassle, not to mention being way more power than what I need. But for the price US$450, it is very tempting.

Browesing through Taobao, I came across a simple 5W amp based on the Fender Princeton ’65 design, the kit has three band tone control and send/return loop, but basically just a simple 12AX7 based amp.

The schematic is:
I will build it and play with it for awhile to see how it sounds, I will use the 12AX7 tubes from my old Houston integrated amp instead of the stock tubes that it comes with.

I may also fool around with the tone control values to see the amp’s tone could be improved, there are many designs available, from the Dumble tone-stack to Peavey IIC as shown below.


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