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A Simple Stompbox Build

After reading somewhere that using a buffer/booster could improve the sound for PC-based guitar sims – I suppose from proper impedance matching between the guitar and the soundcard, I decided to build one.

The design I chose was the Fat Booster, just a simple FET booster with some level and tone controls added, the schematic is shown below. The design is a derivative of Jack Orman’s MOSFET Boost, a very popular design. The unit is very clean as expected, but you have to be careful with the level and gain settings as not to overdrive the other effects down the chain. The kit only costed RMB99 (Chinese red case included), what a bargain;-)
The kit came with 2 PCBs, one is the main board, the other is the footswitch board, which I screwed up big time by turning the switch 90 degrees and made a mess of things, it took a couple of days to discover the stupid mistake 😦
Here are the exterior, interior shots and the schematic:

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