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Tube Breadboard Power Supply

While I managed to build the Fender kit and Fat Booster/Bastard without much difficulty, after going through the various DIY sites, it is pretty clear that I need more tools! The selection of tools available to the hobbyist is quite daunting, one can easily spend thousand Dollars not Yuan on these things. Of course, it is possible to do the job with your everyday handyman tools, which I already have, but to get decent results from them, one need to be very creative and/or very good with tools, which I am not, so the solution is to get “professional quality” tools to compensate for my own shortcomings.

It has taken me awhile, but I finally managed to put together the power supply section for the tube breadboard. The delay was primarily caused by all the hardware – the frigging screws, washers, connectors, etc. It was very irritating that small things like this could be such a PITA, wiring things up was a breeze compared to getting these parts, perhaps it was because I am starting from scratch, and I had no spare parts from other projects, anyway, I think I have actually spend more money and time on sourcing these buggers than the active components! WTF…

As shown in the shot, the power supply except for the tube rectifier and the power transformer is housed in a surplus power supply casing, with the silicon rectifiers, caps, and resistors mounted on a perf-board, the solder pads on these perf-board are totally shit, so basically the whole thing was wired point-to-point… All the connections to the board are available via connectors, so it will be easy to dis-assemble, or modify later as required. The case also puts high voltage out of reach… All the external connections are routed to the terminal strip on the back of the power supply module, and makes easy connection to the tube amp bread-board module.

Here is a shot of the power supply module, ready for the amp board…


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