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Princeton Shanghai Special & 1×10 Cabinet

Finally loaded the Princeton head into a tweed-like chassis, it sits on top a 1×10 speaker cabinet, based on the AX84 1×12 design, the panel is large enough, so I could fit 2×10 or 1/12 in the cabinet if I want as well. Currently, I am using Eminence Raging Cajun speakers for the build, the speaker is not yet broken-in, but it already sounds better than the 8″ from the Marshall MG15 cabinet, which comes as no surprise since the one from the Marshall is just a cheapo generic driver. Also I have not yet put on the back panel, that will also alter the sound somewhat, so more experiments to come later…

Amp Head

My first attempt was simply to stuff the head into the head cabinet, it did work, but it would require new grill to be made and the blue chassis color clashed with the tweed theme of the cabinet…

Shanghai Princeton Special - First Try

I then removed the two mounting posts from the rear of the cabinet, so I can mount the head sideways, that worked a lot better, I can also use the original grill, thus preserving the tweed cabinet theme. It actually worked out very well, I am not sure I would even need to put the back panel on… Perhaps just put on the bottom plate of the head, to keep high voltage out of harm’s way.

Top View of the head inside the cabinet

Front of cabinet with original grill

And a shot of my rig.

Guitar Rig


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