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Upcoming Projects

Since there are quite a few projects in the works, I thought I use this post to organize myself a bit.

Speaker Projects

a) BiB with Mark Audio Alpair 12, simulation done, cabinet drawing plan given to carpenter, waiting for them to get build, will probably use the Houston Mini to drive them;

b) Econowave with Selenium D-2200Ti driver, Dayton 6512 Waveguide and Eminence 12LEF woofer;

c) start designing a BLH using the Tannoy 12″ Dual-Concentric driver from the DMT-12 Mk II, need to first measure the woofer’s T/S parameter using LIMP/Arta.

Pedal Projects

a) Tube screamer TS-9 or TS-808;

b) Dallas Ranger;

c) Booster/OD using micro-miniature tubes.

Amp Builds

a) Get the AX84 SEL done, still need to test it out before putting everything in a chassis, also ordered the turret staking tool, so will transfer all the parts to the turret board;

b) start getting the parts for the 18 Watt build, need to decide which version to build, I have all the parts, except for the transformers and output tubes;

c) Dr. Z Carmen Ghia build, study the schematic, put in LSPice and get some simulations done.


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