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Test Bench New Addition – Transistor Curve Tracer

After reading for days on tube and transistor testers, curve tracers, DIY plans, adapters for oscilloscopes, etc. I decided to get a transistor curve tracer, I found one on Taobao which seemed to suit my needs, it is no Tektronix, but hopefully will suffice.

GH4821 Curve Tracer

My plan is to make a test gig for tube testing, similar to the Jumper Board for the Hagerman Vacutrace, basically a patch panel to configure the connections for different tubes.

Hagerman Jumper Card

The idea came from Pavek Museum, for “The 2007 Radio Workshop”, they showed a Tektronix 575 transistor curve tracer with a DIY tube tester board, a picture is shown below:

Tube Test Adapter

[EDITED On Nov 1, 2011]
After further reading, it appears that the transistor curve tracer adapter is only good for small triodes, because the low grid/gate drive voltage of the units. Some of the high-end Tektronix units work but they are quite pricey…

So I think I will build the RAT tube tester, and a X-Y scope adapter for curve tracing purpose.


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