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AX84 SEL Build

I finally got around to wire up the SEL, I had the parts mounted on vero boards, so it was just a matter of transfer them to the turret board. Here is shot of the unit under test before the transplant.

SEL under test, parts mounted on the vero board

Getting the turret board ready…

Drilling the turret holes

I had Lao Hu made me a pair of turret staking tool out of bolts (not shown). The bolts were a bit too large and interfere with mounting turrets that are too close together, need to get new ones made eventually, anyhow, I managed to get most of the turrets in without much issue.

Turrets are mounted on the board.

Voila! turret board ready for wiring.

Completed Turret Board

A shot of the finished board mounted in the chassis.

Wired and ready for power-on test.


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