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First Try At Stompbox Graphic

The first try was not that successful, the image was printed on hi-gloss photopaper and tacked onto the pedal face plate with 3M 67 spray-on glue. There were a few problems with it:

1) the image did not line up with the actual hole locations, they were close, but not exact, you can see the whole image needed to be shifted up a few mm, it was too long on the bottom;
2) the cut out for the holes were not sharp enough, especially around the LED, I need to use a very sharp point knife the next time, and probably a LED holder to hide the cut out – it should give a more finished look;
3) the photopaper seemed a bit too thick for the job, I will try a thinner version and/or transparency next time.

From further away, the pedal does not look bad, but I think it will be much more attractive to use simpler color scheme in the future, instead of the “rainbow” colors in this image, I will use simpler, bolder images with two perhaps three colors only – that should give the image more punch…

Close-up shot of the Phaser 90


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