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Bad Days – Part 2

Deja Vu! Yesterday I got home and noticed that I can’t access the server, so I reboot it thinking it would kick-start it again, alas, no such luck…

While the unRAID server boots up just fine and has no error on the syslog, I can not get the web UI running nor can I access any drive even after they all seem to mount just fine. Running “ifconfig” at the console showed indeed the Ethernet port was open and set to as it should…

The strange thing is that the web UI would work once in awhile then die, so it led me to suspect a bad Ethernet port on the motherboard, in any case, I am really out of ideas, so I will just swap out the motherboard tomorrow to see if that makes any difference.

This is the second time that the server has gone down in the past few months after working flawlessly for more than a year, wtf!

[EDITED ON Nov 4, 2011]
It turned out that nothing was wrong with the hardware, I re-configure the DHCP assignment and got it working, but I still have no clue as to why it went out in the first place… Stupid networking problem!


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