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Tweed Overdrive Special Build

My most ambitious build to date, basically a dual channel Tweed Overdrive Special design I got from the Hoffman Amps Forum. Some pictures of the build follow, since the amp was built using an existing stereo amp chassis, the layout is definitely not what you would call neat, it is pretty crammed even though the carrier chassis itself is pretty good size (484mm x 300mm), all of components except for the pots and switches are contained within a small area of (330mm x 240mm)… I also had to add two more tubes to the original amp, so I would say there was at least 30% increase in parts count!

Now the hard part – I’ve been debating whether to re-do the whole layout – I really had to resist the urge to rip everything apart and just use the carrier chassis itself to hold everything, but the amp is already working fine on the test bench, no oscillation, minimum hum, so do I want to spend another week or for a re-do, and risk screwing something up in the process, plus what I am gonna do with the original chassis, so I am still debating…


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