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Water Disaster Again

My house seems to be possessed by some sort of water demon! Since we moved in, we have experienced numerous leaks, floods on every single floor of this 4-story townhouse, it is just un-believable! The latest leak started four days ago, after non-stop two day rain. We discovered that the roof deck had a leak around the ventilation pipes which were supposedly sealed just a few years ago when a similar leak occurred. Fudge…

After we repaired the leak, all was fine for a day, then the rain started again, this time, the water started to drip down from the electrical wires right into the electrical panel on the second as well as the basement – the water simply followed the wires down through the cracks in the wire as far as we can tell, our neighbor also suffered the same problem, so we suspect that there must be an unplugged hole (or holes) somewhere in the adjointing wall that we share. More repair will be done this weekend.

So far, all the walls on the front of the building have been soaked, they are soggy and need to be scraped off and repainted. There is significant damage done to Gaby’s wall cabinets, perhaps we will just rip them down and toss them out…

The electrical shorts burned out several power adapters and circuit breakers, and an Apple Macbook which was submerged in a puddle of water – just being at the wrong place at the wrong time… The repair bill came out to over RMB700 alone.

Have you ever seen sparks flying off the breakers because water was pouring right into the wire contacts?! Sparks, smoke followed by a burning smell, it is not a pretty sight.

Could not wait for all this ordeal to be over soon ;-(



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