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Math Programs

While gathering information for building the pentode model and SPICE in general, I came across a variety of methodologies as well as mathematics programs, from the very old Derive used by Bill Elliot to the new versions of Mathlab, MathCAD and R.

Since Derive is so old and no longer supported by TI, it can be safely eliminated from consideration for future development. That still leaves me with three choices – each one seems to specialize in one thing or another, yet none of them do exactly what I want in one package

As far as completeness, Ayumi’s pctube.r is hard to beat, but since R is a text-based programming language, it is not particularly well suited for interactive use, but with some add-ons like Shiny, it may do the trick, although, putting everything together may be a bit beyond my capability at the moment, but it does look promising.

Eugene Karpov has written a few cleaver programs in Matlab that features simple UI, they are fast and efficient, but it relies on the Koren model, while probably ok for triode, it is definitely not usable for pentodes (Eugene has disable the pentode calculations as a result). So the programs are not quite complete.

While there is no specific programs (that I found) that does tube amplifier designs (except Burkhard Vogel’s How to Gain Gain worksheets), it is very easy to use – simply write out all the equations  and plot whichever function that you need. But again, it is not interactive (at least I have not figure out how to do it yet)…

So it is a bit of a toss-up which platform I should adopt for long term use – my interim thinking is to link Ayumi’s pentode models with Karpov’s Matlab (essentially using it as a front end, while Ayumi’s code does the number crunching), but it just seems a bit convoluted…



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