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Really?! This is just stupid…

TINA not

Why is something so simple, so difficult to do?!

I thought I found the perfect simulator for my needs – TINA by DesignSoft, alas, it failed in one important area – convergence! Even with a relatively simple 3-stage tube amp circuit, it would not converge, while SIMetrix and WinSPICE had no problem with it.

Ok, I thought, there is still a workaround – I will just use TINA as a schematic capture tool , which I like a lot, and export the netlist to run on WinSPICE. Well, it does work. BUT,  there is always a but, the frigging netlist nodes do not even match up with the node numbers used within TINA, really!? So, if something needs adjusting, I had figure out just which part connects to what – that’s what the schematic is for!

I can not believe with all smart engineers working at DesignSoft, that something as simple as making sure the nodes match up does NOT even work, I am very disappointed, so close yet so far away…

Just tried something with TINA – export the schematic as a TINA netlist (it looks the same as the PSPICE version, anyway…)  then use the Netlist Editor to compile it, guess what, the Transient analysis now runs just fine – no convergence problem, whoa?! Something is not right – must be a bug in the program, how can the netlist run differently than the source that generated it in the first place?! As as I said in the title, THIS IS JUST STUPID!



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