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Modern Recordings

It might just be a coincidence… I was going through my record collection last night, and put on a few records that I got awhile back. First, I put on Bryan Ferry’s Boys & Girls, did not know that both David Gilmore and Mark Knopfler played on it, it sounded pretty darn good, perhaps a bit over produced, Bryan’s vocal was thick with reverb.

Next up, Arcade Fire’s Neighorhood, I liked some of the songs but the record sounded pretty darn aweful, hmmm… next, from one of my favorite record labels 4AD, Blonde Redhead’s Misery Is A Butterfly which I liked for its moody songs, but again, it sounded really muffled. What’s going on?

Just for the heck of it, I put on a compilation album, Blue Note Trip Jazznova, man, did it sound great, definitely the best of the bunch.

I can’t help but think that recording arts have gone down in quality, or perhaps the two modern records were purposely produced to sound lo-fi to suit their musical genre? May be, but I kinda doubt it… I will draw my conclusion after a few more listening sessions, there’re bound to be some decent sounding ones, I hope.


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