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VHT Special 6 Mods

Special 6 With EL34

Special 6 Loaded With EL34

I got this amp awhile back, I finally had a chance to work on it this week – starting with a few simple mods to the output stage:

  1. remove the triode/pentode switch and install a Zener dropper for the Low Power mode;
  2. install an adjustible bias for the cathode bias circuit with test points, so I can try out different output tubes.

Since the amp was designed with modding in mind, it is pretty easy to work on. I put a 6P3P in place of the 6V6 for the test, to make sure the basic function of the mods are working, and everything is fine. Although, the tone is pretty boring. Well what a difference a tube make, this morning I swaped out the 6P3P with an EL34, re-biased it to around 51mA and plug in an 8-Ohm spealer to the 16-Ohm jack, the sound was much improved, beside more low end, it just sounds fuller.


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