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Recording Arts… not!

I don’t know when it started, but it seems that many modern recordings are very poorly recorded or mastered, perhaps it is just the sign of the times, since most people listen to MP3’s on their cheap earbugs, sigh…



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This One Caught My Eye – The World’s Largest Record Collection

Zero Freitas & A Tiny Part of His Collection

Truly awe inspiring. Read the whole story here:

The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All The World’s Vinyl Records

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Some New Music

Modern Recordings

It might just be a coincidence… I was going through my record collection last night, and put on a few records that I got awhile back. First, I put on Bryan Ferry’s Boys & Girls, did not know that both David Gilmore and Mark Knopfler played on it, it sounded pretty darn good, perhaps a bit over produced, Bryan’s vocal was thick with reverb.

Next up, Arcade Fire’s Neighorhood, I liked some of the songs but the record sounded pretty darn aweful, hmmm… next, from one of my favorite record labels 4AD, Blonde Redhead’s Misery Is A Butterfly which I liked for its moody songs, but again, it sounded really muffled. What’s going on?

Just for the heck of it, I put on a compilation album, Blue Note Trip Jazznova, man, did it sound great, definitely the best of the bunch.

I can’t help but think that recording arts have gone down in quality, or perhaps the two modern records were purposely produced to sound lo-fi to suit their musical genre? May be, but I kinda doubt it… I will draw my conclusion after a few more listening sessions, there’re bound to be some decent sounding ones, I hope.

Some New Music

Getting into more country/blues/rock lately…